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I simply love back to basics living. It is truly  a self-sufficient life.
I now work from home, marketing online and sharing my story and telling  others how  they to  can escape the stress and beat the inflation rates.

Finally moved to my 231 acres in TN. God is good. Now I just market online and keep the ole homestead working.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

About My Blog

The webs first choice when it comes to living a self-sufficient life. Here you'll find just to name a few. Gardening,herbs,raising pigs,raising goats,chickens,butchering,raising rabbits, red worms, You'll find a real working homestead. Plus you'll also see how to work from home and earn a full time income, all while enjoying your own lifestyle. I hope is that by visiting my blog you will see I'm real, so when I send you an email you now know who sent it and will open it. I will not send you crap, nor will I bury you in emails. Things in this business move fast and at times you'll receive more than usual,but I promise it will not be junk. It's simple not every person likes the same thing, everyone has different interest, so with that said click on the links check them out, if it will work for you great if not that's fine to. Just find what will work and makes sense to you.

"Personally" I love this lifestyle. I enjoy being out in the middle of no-where so to speak.
The homestead sits on 231acres, the nearest town is 14 miles. I have the freedom to do whatever it is I want to do,so I choose to garden, raise all my meat, make bread, fire up the smoker. I do that a lot. Many people have asked Joe why do to do all this work when you don't have to. My reply is "Your right I do not have to, but I live healthy, eat healthy and love the freedom."

About 10 years ago I wanted to work on the internet, because I've heard so much about it.Ya! Get rich make boat-loads of money. Well I followed everybody that told me they we're making thousands every month. Long story short I lost everything I had house,car,truck literally everything. Ya I know what a dummy. First I'm not a techy person at all, so things came hard for me, plus back then it was like putting a puzzle together without all the pieces. Today the pieces are their,but it all comes with up-sells and some can be expensive. I'm not saying the expensive ones do not work, not at all. What I'm saying is most people can't afford to dish out $5000. I will include links on this blog of programs that I personally use and earn with.

Bottom line is a person has to WANT to make things happen. They need the right tools, they need the right information, help when needed and above all the passion to make it happen no matter what. That is what I did. So can you! Today I OWN everything. The only bills I have are my phone, electric,water,cable.

So with all that said I just want people to know I'm a real person making real money living a real life. I want to share and build trust with folks that want to earn extra money on-line.

That is the purpose of this blog. I will share my home and pictures here shortly. I will try to keep them updated. Folks this country is in bad shape. I'm not even going off on that. Just trust me we are not in good shape at all. Don't be fooled to believe we are! Ok enough before I get fired up!

Just a side comment. Family's and children are not what they used to be. Hey kids can't even go to school today without guards at the school. The American people should have raised the roof when they took prayer out of our schools, not to mention now they want to take In God We Trust off of our money. OK I'll shut up! let me share some pictures with you.
A picture of barn and tractor.

Picture of right side of back field, before I bush-hogged.

The left side of my back field. I can see the fields from my front window in the winter.

First year of raspberries.Yummy! I don't go to the store and pay $5.00 for 12oz.

I enjoy gardening in a box, however this year I plowed up a small space for corn,water-melons,squash,cukes, cantaloupe that way they don't take up so much space.

Here is a picture of a spot down in the holler.

My front yard.

Turkeys in my front yard one rainy morn.

I'll be sharing more soon.

My subscribers are welcome to leave messages here on my blog or can email me here jlapham264@gmail.com

Anyone can earn online from home I've say it over and over again, because it's true. Anyone means you! Don't get caught up it all the hype and BS that people push on you. Again the reason for this blog is to let everyone know I'm real ,to build trust establish a relationship so you know that when I send you something open the dang thing, it just might be something that clicks with you and bang your in the money. I have many friends that have programs they use to earn a living with and they share it. When they share it with me if it's something that I'm interested in I grab it earn with it. Listen money is money weather it comes in $6.00 at a time or $60 at a time.

I'll be sharing some links on this later in this blog. The reason I do not put them all in one place is because I want people reading this blog and to build trust, that way when I send an email I know it will be opened and checked out. Heck I have people asking all the time. When am I going to get another email I enjoy them.

 Today's economy is getting real tricky and complicated. The cost of

living has sky rocketed and there's no end in site,it has put a tremendous strain on many households.

If you enjoy country living and would like to get Back to Basics then I encourage you to take notes,build yourself a library of Books and magazines so that the information will be their when you need it.Trust me you'll refer to it more than once.

It might be a good idea to Book-Mark this site,so you'll be able to come back and use the information here. If you so choose you can produce your own food,unplug from the electric grid,and learn how to live stress free. Not to mention eating better and feeling better. All by just getting Back to basics. Many people find themselves working eighty hours a week just to maintain their lifestyles. They feel trapped by the demands of society and don't see really true happiness. Their in a rut and the only difference between a rut and a grave is the distance.

Chicks are finally here!

Don't ya just love spring?

OK WOW! How time just fly's right by. It is now Dec 30 2014 soon to be the start of a whole new year. I'm excited about it, can't wait to start planting and doing some landscaping. I have so many people asking me how I do it, my answer is simply just start.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Those that know me know that I have very few casual feelings about anything, casual feelings produce causalities. I'm just a simple long haired country boy that loves the freedom. I enjoy my homestead, I enjoy earning from home. I love to keep things simple and I like free stuff especially when it helps my bottom line. I'm going to share some things with you for those that are interested, if not than go check out some of my pictures.

A lot of people think that earning from home is hard or a joke, well I have to admit their is a lot of crap out their and people just got tired of trying or just did not have the right tools.

I remember when I started I only got half of what I needed to get started, their always seemed to be something missing. Over the years of marketing I've narrowed things down, now I only use what works, for the income I need. Notice I said need "NOT WANT"


I've been their and have everything I need a homestead bought and paid for, cars, trucks. 4-wheelers,tractors a weekly and monthly income, so I'm content. Because I get asked like a lot how to I earn from home,well I'm going to share what I do it is very simple,because it's all done for you. One just needs to know what to do and the tools to use. For years now I've been using CBPRO why because all my sites are set up for me, no more building like I used to do. I can choose the whole market place of over 10,000 items or use a nitch like weight-loss or mens health or woman's health their is many to choose from even fly-fishing. Check out this short video it does a great job explaining it.

Here is the link to check out! CLICK HERE Remember I told you that I'm a simple person I like things cut and dry. OR READY TO GO? Well this is all done for you. I love this program. All I do is send traffic to the site. I'll show you how I do that in a minute. Here are some examples.
4. EXAMPLE YOU CAN DO THE EXACT SAME THING! Don't tell me it can't be done, if this simple country boy can do it anybody can. Their is no excuse. It's all set up for you ready to go. You get a check twice a month from clickbank. They have never been late. So their ya go I shared what I do. Now the big question. How to get people to the site to even look at your site. I use this site everyday. Here is the link: CLICK HERE  TIP: If your already a marketer you may laugh and say "This Guy Is A Nut case no way will this work." If that is the case than keep reaching in your pocket and feel you leg, instead of cash. You can send to over 7 million people a day! That is why I use the above program, their is something for everyone. I'm not looking for 7 million customers I'm only looking for a small % of them, which I get and so will you. I'm not going to get into building a list right now and how to profit from it over and over again. I just want to give you something that will work now! Now if you want to go the pay-per click route you can I do that to but I only pay 0.02 per click. Go here check it out.  ADPAD. Ask for Rachiel she is good. Tell her Joe sent ya. OK I need to get some things done. I'll be back with more. But right here you have everything you need. Here is a tip check all this out, put your thinking cap on and let your heart and mind lead you. Really Great stuff.  
I was told a link is not working in the circled area in some browsers that could be so lets do this in steps. 1. Go HERE sign-up get a affiliate link. It's free to do. What ever you do keep the link in a safe place don't loose it. your going to need it to check your payments. 2. Go HERE  This is the gold mine! Sign up become a lifetime pro member after you do that everything is done for you all your payment links are in every offer you choose to promote, in fact it is in everything so matter what you do you get paid. It is explained on the page. Very easy. OK you now have your links all embedded in everything. Your going to get your own back office their you will find ads to place banners video's everything all done for you. Take the time look around click on stuff and see how great it is. 3. Now you need TRAFFIC to all for your offers. Go HERE and sign up for life time mailing you can mail over 2 million people a day that are looking for what you have to offer. Your ads will be ready for you in your back office already done in the link above. 4. If you want more targeted traffic go HERE  This is where you place an ad and pay per click every time someone clicks on the link you are charged. You have total control over it. Example I pay 2 cents a click and set a budget of $2.00 a day. Call and ask for Rachel she will set you up. SO very simple. You will get paid twice a month from clickbank like clockwork. They have paid out over 2 BILLION dollars. Now $2.00 a day is not a lot when you consider you get paid 50 to 75% of sale which range from $20.00 to $69.00 Their ya go. It's all in pushing buttons. Now as they say you can watch it happen or make it happen. I have a saying I told my kids years ago. There's only so much you can learn about scuba diving sitting in the boat. It has been cold here and I'm not a cold weather person any more. I'm looking forward to spring. I just ordered all my seeds the other stuff I go to a wholesale nursery about 2 hours away I just spend the day their. It's the same nursery that supplys Burpee and others. I'm in the middle of rebuilding my pig pen, I'm putting the feeder on the outside this year with the trough just threw the inside. Hey I'll tell ya what that pork you can cut with a fork. Really it was that good. I'll be adding a lot of info a bit later along with video of the slaughter and processing. Oh ya I'll be building a chicken plucker, I using an old washer that will be so cool. Thanks again for all the nice comments and thank yous in regards to the home business information please feel free to ask questions. I may be taking the information down when spring get's here I'm going from sun-up to sun set and I'd like to spend some time learning to play my new banjo. I promise it will be the best choice you ever made outside of building a homestead and family. It's a great feeling.  I JUST MOVED THIS PAGE HERE FOR EASY ACCESS Here I'm going to share what I do to earn money right here on the homestead. I not talking about selling hay, or eggs,produce,cattle. I'm talking about what I do online to earn a living and pay every bill I get. Did I tell you this is a debt free homestead? Everything here is paid for. I'll be sharing the things I do so you can do them also. Some of you will do it to earn some extra cash others may go full time, whatever you do know this, what I do works or I would not waist my time. Here are a few things just to warm you up. I reach millions everyday, most of the time my traffic is FREE! the other times I use PPC pay per click. What it means is that every time someone clicks on my sites link I get charged. 99% of the time I only pay 2 cents a click. I am running a PPC offer now I just want to check some things out so I testing my clicks at 15 cents. In the next few days I'll be sharing some great offers with you, keep an eye out for them. OK here is how I reach millions every single day right here from the homestead. Ya I know you'll hear folks say that does not work, been their done that. Well let me tell you first hand it works great. Go HERE  check it out. The key is to not send crap! Send good solid offers. Also use a key word in the subject line. Example subject line." Are you paying to much for health Insurance" "Or How to fatten your wallet working at home." Once a person learns the rules to earning from home it's easy. I'll be sharing more shortly. Please refer to my page."I love my homestead" I just shared what I do and how I do it everything is their . ENJOY! I just added a new page called "I Love My Homestead" their is where I explain each step, scroll down toward the bottom. Bang! Their it is. Start earning.

After so many request I put up a new page for what I do as far as my home business goes
EVERYTHING I do can be found HERE. And thanks again for all the nice comments and testimonies. Soon I'll be publishing them but my homestead comes first. I'll keep sharing what I do and how I earn. It will always be on the above page from now on. Love you guys. Later!

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