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I simply love back to basics living. It is truly  a self-sufficient life.
I now work from home, marketing online and sharing my story and telling  others how  they to  can escape the stress and beat the inflation rates.

Finally moved to my 231 acres in TN. God is good. Now I just market online and keep the ole homestead working.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Busy Busy Busy!

Well this is the time of year your stay jumping, with growing out chicks, pigs, planting, haying, bush hogging I stay quite busy. Not to mention the home business. More about that a little later. I'll be uploading some new 2014 pictures later today.

As most of you know I'm for the most part self-sufficient,I know it's not for everybody, some folks ask me"Joe if you make good money from home why do you do all this work on the homestead?" My answer is simple. " I do not like giving my money away for something I can do myself, plus I eat better and having my homestead is my therapy so to speak. I'm not at all a complicated person. As far as earning from home, anyone can do it. If this long-haired-countryboy can so can you. Know this! You need the right program, the right tools, and direction that's it. I'll share more about that later.

This year 2014 turkey. 9inch beard.

I just finished this kennel for the my 2 dogs. They are not in it much at all.
 This years 2014 pigs ham and bacon.

This years chickens. they are just laying hens, no meat birds this year.

WOW! I just came back from riding the ridges and found my ole tobacco barn fell over.
Now I guess I'll reuse the barn boards.

Nice mess of collard greens on the way.

Hey everyone here is some new pictures of this years garden. Enjoy! Please feel free to leave comments.

I have these in several places around the homestead. Love-em.

Flowers flowers and more flowers. I just enjoy flowers.

 Radish,lettuce,Spinach. Nothing like fresh!

Collards I'll get them out this weekend to freeze. Em-good.

Tomato's I'm putting them on steaks. some have blossoms.

Corn just came up not sure if you can see it or not, need to plant another 3 rows.

Green beans are up and doing good. Um! I can taste them now cooked up with some bacon.

Onions Lord I love onions, need to plant another box. Brussels sprouts are on the way.
I do need to plant some egg-plants. OK more later. Need to check my home business. Which reminds me. Most of my post about business will be on my "about my blog page"
I just shared what I do and how I do it. Really good stuff.

OK it is now a new year and time I start my planting strategy, This year I'm planting a couple apple trees that will produce in the fall of this year. Hey have you priced apples lately? I'm also adding some more blackberries. I have the bed all made out and ready to go. Here is a change I'm making you might want to check out, instead of using wooden raised bed garden I'm changing to block, that way in each of the 4inch holes I can plant more herbs, like lots of them. I'll add pictures as I go.

I get folks all the time asking me what I do for business at home. You will find the answer under "ABOUT MY BLOG" or on the page "I Love My Homestead" for all practical purposes I should build a page for it, but I want people who are interested in homesteading to see one first hand. Their are many good homesteaders out their and more and more people are interested in it. I personally wanted my homestead and a home business together. Before I forget you do not need 2 hundred acres to homestead you can do it on one or less. Or at least you can save a food bill every week. I just love the freedom here, I have no neighbors, no noise, just the sounds of the night. Ya know different strokes for different folks. I'm not getting into times to come, but friends this country is not in good shape despite what we are told.

I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to spring, like big time. Soon I will be adding my recipes for curing bacon and hams at home, I will put that on another page so it will be all in one place. I have no problem sharing what I do to earn from home, that is how and why I have a homestead.

Hey I forgot to mention I got a new banjo for Christmas I have some problems because I'm left handed it is a left handed banjo but it is hard finding lessons for left handed people like me, but ( there's always a but) I finally found lessons and just waiting on them now then the picken begins. Change of subject I'm getting 20 25 request everyday asking what I do and how I do it to earn the money I do online I put exactly how I do it  on the page
"ABOUT MY BLOG" Please go their first everything is their. EVERYTHING! anybody can do it. If this ole long haired country boy can so can you. You can easily see results in your first few days. In order for ANYTHING to happen you must click on links open account and start earning. The rest is a piece of cake. I even shared what I use to drive traffic to the many different sites. EASY PEASY!

 Just wanted to share my plans for this season. I really need to do some landscaping so I'll squeeze it in. I'll up-load pictures when all is complete. I'm replacing my wooded boxes with concrete block as the wooed ones decay. I'm also planting some larger apple trees so I'll get fruit this next fall. Getting tired of waiting besides the ones I planted are in the back section of the fields and the deer get them. I'm adding more berries this year, blackberries,blueberries, and strawberries. Another important thing I'm doing is digging a trench as deep as a 5gal bucket. It will probably hold 5 bucket I'll store extra root crops in them beets, carrots, etc. put the lids on and place bales of straw on top. Great way to store root crops. This year I'll put up more french fries and hashbrowns in the freezer. Ya I know you think I'm nuts? No Problem everyone is entitled to their opinion. I'm not a doomsday person but we are in for some tough times in this country and as I read and listen to what is going on the more it's on the way, not to mention it's election year.

I'm waiting for my electric motor to come back from the shop so I'll be ready for fall. It's for my grinder I grind all our burger, make sausage, grind up venison mixed with pork fat and pork emm good. Still working on my new chicken plucker. I'll raise 20 and put them in the freezer after I bone out the breast. That way I'll have bnls brst, drumsticks, thighs,wings. The backs and the rest I'll cook down strain and put up chicken stock. Dang it makes goooooood soup.

I'm rebuilding my pig pens as I mentioned earlier, getting ready to receive 2 new pigs for the freezer. Also building a new place for my meat rabbits. I only have a pair, but it keeps me with plenty of rabbit. I'm considering a few ducks this year. I have a great recipe for for a dip. I'd like to give it a try. As I get these done I'll up-load pictures. I'm also going to make video's of the butchering process and cutting up the right way so you'll know the cuts, just like you see in the markets. Please share your comments.


Here is a video I found. Really like it. Enjoy! Please feel free to leave comments.

 Here is another one I like. God Made A Farmers Wife. God Bless Them.

God IS the Greatest Farmer!

Just uploaded some new pictures on my new pictures page.

As most of you know I enjoy cooking and I use my smoker A LOT. I love great BBQ!
I got my hands on this the other and just have to share it. I'm telling you this is drop dead GOOOOD!
These Are The Barbecue Secrets That Will Make You A Legend!
I placed this on my tablet under recipes where I keep all my curing recipes for bacon hams stuff like that. Trust me when I say you will be a hero when it comes to eating BBQ. Grab A Copy for yourself.
March 8 2015
So Cool business is great people are making money from home and I'm getting good comments. Personally I think everyone should earn some great income from home, even if it's just a car payment. Anyway I've been busy, rebuilt the pig pen, planted all my herbs for the year. It's been a crazy winter.
Did you know you could earn from home? Did you know that millions of people are searching the internet daily for information about health,fitness,gardening,energy you name it their searching for it. Did you know that you can have your own business totally set up for you and give them the information they are looking for? All done for you! Completely set up ready to earn cash daily! So very simple. If this long haired country boy can do it anyone can. I show you what I do and how I do it HERE  Hey go check it out. Best part is their is no monthly fees it is a life time membership. I love it.


  1. I use the composite boards for my raised beds, the corner posts still rot. you could place a block in each corner and drill into it with a plastic anchor and use stainless screws to hold the composite boards.
    I used treated posts and stainless screws, the posts will last for years and aren't treated with arsenic any more. I actually use landscape timbers since they are half the price of a 4" x 4".
    I live in Morgan County, TN and now have 2 pigs that I will be butchering this spring/summer.

  2. Sorry running behind.After 3 years my boards rotted so I'm changing to concrete block works great. I put 2 hogs in the freezer last year and fixing to pick up another. If you need help butchering let me know. Thanks for the post