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Finally moved to my 231 acres in TN. God is good. Now I just market online and keep the ole homestead working.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Good News!!

As you all know I have a homestead here in Bloomington Springs Tn. I love it here, anyway I was looking threw a local paper the other day and was shocked to see that people especially business are spending outrageous amounts of money every month to be inside a closed throw away newspaper. I was shocked when I went threw some listings only to find you can barley see them, black ink with a dark blue background! Really?

I know I'm getting old but I could not see the message in the ad without a magnifying glass. Long story short. I set up a classified ad site for Cookeville and surrounding areas.

Here people have a targeted audience for whatever it is their looking for, no hassle like some other ad sites I will not mention. Here we have a local site where you can buy-sell-swap or trade for free at least for now. I'm thinking about a membership site for businesses later on, even then they will have moment to moment access to the site to add or remove whatever they need to. More about that later. Ok here is the site. HERE!

You can also go to my Facebook page if you do please share a LIKE or write a nice review. Check It Out!

I'm proud to be  hillbilly and I just love to share hillbilly pictures, so you'll find them here on this blog on my facebook and also on the classified ad site. Enjoy!

 Isn't She Sweet?

Just A Simple Long-Haired Country boy!

So far this has been a great year. God is good! Did you know he is the master farmer and gardener? With the rain we've had stuff is growing almost out of control. I have some new pictures below for you. Always plenty to do, the last storm took down some trees that I need to cut up, that way I'll have plenty of wood for next winter. This coming winter I'm good and the fire wood is all seasoned.

My new classified ad site for cookeville and surrounding areas is doing really good. As of today June 30 we've had over 200,000 visits, not bad for a site that was started 31/2 weeks ago, even our Alex ratings are doing great! As I said God is good. If you have not seen it yet may I suggest you check it out, please leave nice comments. Go HERE You may want to bookmark it.


Great mess of tomatoes, even though my chickens got about 15 of them, they are now in the chicken yard until growing season is over.

Darn it. I hate when this happens, my phone has not got my pictures on Google+ yet. I'll place some more as they load on. Sorry! Please share comments.


Just the other day I was thinking. (watch out) I wonder what my credit report looks like so I checked it out and found it was in the crapper. I kinda figured it was with things that has happen years ago. But then I thought well things are not to bad I have my home business, I own my homestead,cars, trucks,home,toys so I'm not in bad shape at all. Still it frustrated me so I found this.

  3 weeks later I found that 19 bad marks have been removed and my credit points went up to just over 652 points so with a little bit more work I'm going for 780 or better. Not that I use credit or credit cards it just frustrated me to know my credit was in the crapper. So I figured maybe someone else can use the resources and get their credit back in shape.

The other great find is MOVIES! Ya know what in the winter when things slow down or it's a rainy nasty day I enjoy watching good movies. Just the other day I went to an auction I usually get their really early to look around and jaw with folks, anyway after I looked at all the stuff I had time to spare so I turned on my tablet and watched a movie or at least started to watch it. I got about 20 min into it and then the auction started. Here is  great place I use to get movies for my tablet, phone, or home tv. Cool now I'm a high-tech long-haired country boy. Check it out!

Great site. Love it everything at your finger tips. Those who know me knows I like to keep things simple.

So cool I mean really people are starting to earn cash from home. Man it just does get any better than that. Your all welcome and thank you for the nice emails. Just stay on track don't try to reinvent the wheel. Dang life is good! Check out my page. "I love My Homestead"

After so many request to have a single page for my home business I finally did it. You can find it here on this blog just click HERE   Before you ask yes I use everyone to earn me daily income from different streams. I do not put all my eggs in one basket. As I get the time I will keep adding what I use and how I do it. You can earn from home just like I do as easy as ABC once you know the rules and have the sources.

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