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I simply love back to basics living. It is truly  a self-sufficient life.
I now work from home, marketing online and sharing my story and telling  others how  they to  can escape the stress and beat the inflation rates.

Finally moved to my 231 acres in TN. God is good. Now I just market online and keep the ole homestead working.


The very best income is passive income coming from different sources. Do you agree?

With passive income you set something once or have it all set up and ready to go, then all you do is check your stats and maintain.

Well that is what I do. Personally I do not have the time to babysit a home business and deal with all the mind numbing crap that people spam my email with. Take some time view my homestead and see for yourself.

I admit I am a homebody and enjoy my homestead, their is always something to do or build so I stay busy. Below I'm going to share everything I do so you can do it to. As you go threw my site you may see duplicate information. That is ok. I use many different streams of income producing programs which I will share as I go. I also use the proper tools to get what I have to get done in the fastest amount of time. Which I will also share with everyone. Hey when you have the right tools your good to go. Here we go this is one I've had for years and love it, works great.
1. Go
HERE sign-up get a affiliate link. It's free to do. What ever you do keep the link in a safe place don't loose it. your going to need it to check your payments.

2. Go HERE  This is the gold mine! Sign up become a lifetime pro member after you do that everything is done for you all your payment links are in every offer you choose to promote, in fact it is in everything so matter what you do you get paid. It is explained on the page. Very easy. OK you now have your links all embedded in everything. Your going to get your own back office their you will find ads to place banners video's everything all done for you. Take the time look around click on stuff and see how great it is. $40.00 one time investment for life.

3. Now you need TRAFFIC to all for your offers. Go HERE and sign up for life time mailing you can mail over 7 million people a day that are looking for what you have to offer. Your ads will be ready for you in your back office already done in the link above. I do this every morning when I'm having my coffee. $35.00 one time again for life.

4. If you want more targeted traffic go HERE  This is where you place an ad and pay per click every time someone clicks on the link you are charged. You have total control over it. Example I pay 2 cents a click and set a budget of $2.00 a day. Call and ask for Rachel she will set you up. SO very simple. You will get paid twice a month from clickbank like clockwork. They have paid out over 2 BILLION dollars. Now $2.00 a day is not a lot when you consider you get paid 50 to 75% of sale which range from $20.00 to $69.00

Their ya go. It's all in pushing buttons. Now as they say you can watch it happen or make it happen. I have a saying I told my kids years ago. There's only so much you can learn about scuba diving sitting in the boat.I have many ways to drive traffic to your site,I'll share everything I do with you right here.

Sad but it's true! Many people take this and make things happen others they're tire kickers just curious folks that are what I call wanna bees. Ya know what next year they will be in the same place they are now if not worst,never reaching their dreams or goals.  Bottom line for under $80.00 your in business for life. Talk about a great investment!! It's a great feeling when you check in the morning and see 5,7, 12 sales or more ranging from $20 to $70  each and everyday. When anyone gets started and needs to ask questions or help let me know I'll help in anyway I can. PLEASE NOTE when spring and planting season gets here my time is short and maybe a day before I get to answer questions, but I will do it. Here's a tip if you own a blog or website and place the done for you offers on your site. WOW! your golden. That is the second step above. Please note these are lifetime memberships the only way to go.

I've had folks ask how long after I get signed up do I get sales. Answer the same day. Heck I've had folks place an ad on craigs list and get 5 sales in the first couple hours.So the choice is yours. As always. I'm a firm believer that people are where they are today because they want to be or they would exercise the greatest power they have and that is the power to choose. Enough said!

 Yep you get paid while you sleep. Now I'm not done yet. Imagine in your mind waking up sipping on your morning coffee checking out your stats and finding out while you we're sleeping you earned $120.00 next day the same thing. That is how it works.Plain and simple. So Now I leave it up to you. Are you going to fish or cut bait?


I've know this woman for years now her name is Jean and she lives in Maddison Tn. I have learned a lot from her and she is very good at what she does so listen up. Jean will do everything for you everything. I'm going to send you to her webpage so you can see for yourself. PLEASE read the page and click on the links so you can see the whole picture, she offers different options. It's important for you to see. Trust me when I say your going to love it. CLICK HERE.

AWESOME You will not have to do ANY promotion with your new site you will have hundred of web pages that she will link to other web-sites that gets truck loads of traffic. All you do is check your stats. She does it all hosting everything. Jean has it going on.

Go look around my site, you'll see it's all real. Nothing fake! A special thanks to all that have seen the light and finally began to earn from home. Thank you for all the kind words.


As I've mentioned I have numerous streams of income all with very little work I just hit a button to promote them and check my stats. Every tool I use is listed right here on this page. Your going to Love this I promise. Here all you do is upload pictures.

This will make you Money....

Did you know that you can get paid to upload pictures from your smartphone?

Could you upload pictures like these?

Get Paid Taking Pictures

I think so too. And you could start getting paid for it today.

Check it out here before it's too late:

I love my homestead and my lifestyle, not to mention working from home. I also enjoy sharing what I do with others. Sad part is so many people fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel so they continue to stay living from check to check. I'll share more in a little while. I need to pressure wash my deck.

LOVE THIS ONE. Hands Free!
OK a quick story. I met Jean and her son Randy years ago and did business with them for quite some time, then my computer died and lost contact with them. In the mean time I was working on setting up my homestead and stayed quite busy. Long story short. I found them again right here in TN. After some small talk he told me what he was doing and offered to show me how he was earning CASH with google and clickbank Big money maker, best part is it is all set up and ready to go not only for me but anyone. Yep including YOU. All the details are right Here

I told him I did not have the time to do all the promotion and drive people to the web site. As you all know I have numerous income streams and use the tools I share with you here. He told me no need to do that he links up your site with sites that gets hundreds of thousands of clicks everyday. Ya I was impressed. Get the details 

Then just choose how many sites you want. Remember this your Not going to earn big bucks the first day, yes you'll earn but it takes time for all the pages to get indexed in the search engines so don't go flipping out if you do not earn thousands your first day. This is GOLDEN. No one is going to do what you have available to you. Totally complete. Again the choice is yours. These are the programs I use to earn here on the homestead.

Special Note! I'm in the process of building a web-site all about healthy-eating. I have not done this for years. I choose to do all of the above which I will continue to do. I just had the urge to share with the world about healthy eating. I'll let you know when it is live.

As you can see I have several income streams of income. The last one is my favorite only because once it is done your good to go.

A big thank you for all the kind works. And your welcome. Ya know it's funny well not really but you got folks living from check to check never looking and seeking to make a change in life. They come up with every excuse on the planet why something will not work, even get involved for an hour or so and come to the conclusion Nope This don't work. Here is the reality unless your using the tools I use and do the things I do your looking at about 12 weeks to get your business earning, because it takes time to get your site propagated threw the internet and get indexed etc etc. I have found no push-button get rich the next day programs. But with that said if your serious about earning everything I do here works and I use it and share it. I'm now setting up a HEALTHY EATING GUIDE  
why because I've been in the food industry for years and know for a fact that the foods you buy at the store are not what you think they are. Not to mention I homestead and simply love fresh produce and fruits. I also love to cook and use my smoker. I'll be sharing that site soon. Maybe in Aug I'll share my COOKERY TIPS & RECIPE GUIDE  also. So with that said go take a peek at  HERE and begin earning. As far as that goes use any of my shares above. Later need to get some chores done.

Real live action. This may interest you seeing all these links in action. Check this out

Click above to view the full

Only on the Internet. WOW! 

Finally! "My Healthy Eating Guide Is Done" Here It Is! Please check it out feel free to leave comments share with friends and family.  I sure could use your help here busting out with a new site is a process and it takes a little time.That is why I ask that you share on your favorite social sites. Not to mention it is crammed full of healthy tips. Really must say it is a great site.

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