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I simply love back to basics living. It is truly  a self-sufficient life.
I now work from home, marketing online and sharing my story and telling  others how  they to  can escape the stress and beat the inflation rates.

Finally moved to my 231 acres in TN. God is good. Now I just market online and keep the ole homestead working.


I have folks contacting me all the time about homesteading how to get started what to do. I found this land from an ole farmer that wanted to sell some of his farms I told him not to sub-divide like he did with a couple of them. I took this one as is and he financed it.That is when I actually moved on the homestead about 4 years now. Sense then built a house a barn, I needed a tractor so I got one then need 4wheelers to keep an eye on the property and ride the ridges so got 2 of them. Now I still have a lot to get done but between the pigs, chicken, rabbits, goats and gardening I'm doing well.
If I did not have a home business I would not been able to do it in the time frame it was done in. Many folks ask how they can have a home business and I share it with them in fact it's just below. Everything is their. Everything! But ya know what very few will take and go with it. They just love being where they are and it's so much easier to come up with excuses than take action and do it.
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Sad but it's true! Many people take this and make things happen others they're tire kickers just curious folks that are what I call wanna bees. Ya know what next year they will be in the same place they are now if not worst,never reaching their dreams or goals.  Bottom line for under $80.00 your in business for life. Talk about a great investment!! It's a great feeling when you check in the morning and see 5,7, 12 sales or more ranging from $20 to $70  each and everyday. When anyone gets started and needs to ask questions or help let me know I'll help in anyway I can. PLEASE NOTE when spring and planting season gets here my time is short and maybe a day before I get to answer questions, but I will do it. Here's a tip if you own a blog or website and place the done for you offers on your site. WOW! your golden. That is the second step above.

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Today is Sat Jan 24th I need to tell you. First thanks for all the kind words and thank yous. Everyone needs to know I did not have to share what I do or how I do it. I do it because we are heading for some tough times, another reason why I homestead. But know this in order for me to help you or for you to even begin you must first open a clickbank account the very first link above. Then become a cbpro member. HERE Then go HERE  to get your mailing membership both are LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS! Your looking at about a $75.00 lifetime investment. Here is the bottom line either you see it or ya don't. Please don't keep asking me if it works. Yes it does. I'm dept free and own nobody nothing, except utilities,phone etc. Feel free to leave comments.

Dang life is good very rarely does a day go by and I see more and more people earning from home. It just doesn't get any better.

I'm so happy to see folks begin earning. Man that is good!
Here is a TIP if you use the mailer I suggest you use the same ad everyday for about 5 weeks. I've found it to work great. Keep your ad simple. The idea is to get folks to your site. Not Sell them on the ad. Example!! "Question Do You need answers? Find then here instantly." For the folks that think this is all crap all I can say is stay broke and the best to you. For all the rest use the tools and EARN! They together work like a well oiled machine. For those that are building and earning it should only take you a couple hours a day period unless your building a blog, then it may take a bit longer until you get it done and sending folks to it. So easy it really is amazing. Who would think that you would have thousands of answers and information for folks looking for it. Here it is March 20 2015 and the home business is booming. If you have not started yet your loosing money everyday. For those that have started, just keep following the blueprint, it's great to hear your earning. I told you it's not hard at all.

Here is a picture of one of the hollows. I love it down their.

Here is one of the ole barn that fell down.

I could not find that small house that I told you about but I'll get a picture and place it here. I found it. You'll see the chimney still standing. Oh the good ole days.

Here are the goats I found in my back fields.

Here are my 2 dogs I got at the pound as puppies.
Here they are now.
I have more I'll share later. I enjoy sharing my pictures the homestead my business.

Congratulations !! to all that have started earning soon you will have your homestead. Do not loose your vision or your dream of having a homestead. Do not let your new found income draw you away from your dream. I'm so happy for you. Thank you for all the kind words. Now that you are set up just keep using your mailer everyday. Keep your headings in the subject line relevant to what your promoting. Really simple. Example if your promoting Stop Snoring then in your subject put "Stop Snoring Tonight" then your short ad that is in your back office and your link. Mash the button and your done. Send that ad everyday for a week. But don't stop their you already have thousands of items and your link is in every one. Again Congratulations. Check things out click the link below.

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I should have build a whole page on home-business. My intentions was to keep this a homestead blog. But it is what it is and keeps me from moving from page to page. I said this before and sorry if I keep repeating myself but this business is real and it just flat works. Very Simple!! Those of you who know me know I'm a simple person.

If this offends anyone well it is what it is! After doing this for years you see and meet all kinds of folks, you hear all kinds of stories and as bad as some are people still walk away and choose to be broke from week to week. I remember speaking to one guy his name is Rob he was married with 3 small kids and made pretty good money, but was always broke never had a dime in his pocket he wore one blue sock and one green one. His kids we're dressed like orphans. He contacted me and told me he wanted to have his wife start a home business so they could earn extra income. So I shared with him exactly what I share here because that is what I do. When it was all said and done, he told me he just wanted to see what I was doing and how I did it. Ya know what! If your like Rob just keep on moving down the line. It's like me standing on the corner handing out hundred dollar bills and not stopping to grab one. Saying Nope I'll stay broke. Nope I love just getting by. Nope I have no goals no dreams just want to do the same thing I do everyday. Ya know what? That's fine! If that is you don't even bother looking. But if your anything at all like me that wants to own land have a homestead, have the tools to work with, own your trucks, cars, tractors, toys be totally debt free owning what you have then by all means here is the way to do it. It works! I enjoy all that. I enjoy the freedom it offers. I don't have to get up do something I don't want to do for someone I don't want to do it for and come home and say I'm so happy.

The very first thing you do is go to HERE and actually sign up for an account. Guess what? It's Free. When they email you your details keep them in a safe place maybe in notepad or hide it on a jump drive whatever keep the details your going to need them to check your sales everyday. Don't loose it. Very simple. Right?

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Today April 14 2015 Folks it just does not get any better. You could be earning and taking advantage of everything set for you. 


I'm just up some perennial gardens. Ya I know I'm strange but I just love planting and viewing flowers, just the colors fascinate me they look like God reach down and hand painted them. I'm also setting out more blue bird houses. Trust me I stay busy. My typical day might go like this. First get coffee I sit and look at my business stats and check income. Then go out do chores feed the critters look around see what else I can get into, check the garden boxes. In the winter I come in clean out fireplace, bring in wood. Then I fix something to eat have another coffee. Then I take about 10 min and place more ads, actually just hit a button and it's done. In the summer the day starts early about 6:30 then added to everything else I'm on the tractor bush-hogging, cutting hay, fencing, harvesting the garden, putting food away for winter. I love every minute of it. In fact I ask my-self many times why more people don't do what I do as far as working from home, and the only thing I can come up with is their happy being broke,they simply do not believe. Dang it's not like they are investing thousands of dollars. But whatever floats your boat.

Anyway I'll upload pictures so you can see whats going on here. I'm about ready to fire up the smoker.


Woke up this morning and found turkeys in my front yard. This happens a lot.

Look at the window and you'll see one of the girl's butt. Need to put a screen in.

New pig pen just finished.

Girl's new yard.

As you can see I have other hobbies.

My banjo I'm trying to master it.

Some winter shots 2015

Garden boxes rebuilt using block.

Box of strawberries.

I still have a lot to do God willing it will all get done. Then comes the clean up.

Their is no reason why anyone could not follow the links above and either do what I do or simply do your own thing. Stop leaving money on the table.

Some New Pic's Spring 2015. I love my homestead and my home business.

A relaxing sunset. taken from back deck.

View from one of the ridges.


Just another view.

Another ridge. Trees are just budding and ready to bloom.

Another view.
Soon when things begin to flower I'll add more pictures. Also some new updates to gardening and livestock. My home business allows me to do what I do. If your tired of being broke and dealing with all the internet crap go back and read about my home business and how you can do it. Anybody can!

APRIL 30TH 2015

Dang I love this time of year. Busy from sun up till sun set. I made a lot of changes this year glory to God. I'll add some new pictures below. Home business is doing great. I share what I do and how I do it above. I love it when people contact me and say thank you, some are doing very well and are now enjoying the freedom with their families and the extra cash. It's so amazing! I wish you all the very best.
Now some new pic's.
2 new pigs for the freezer. the one in the bucket is a red wattle.
Of course the girls.
A new flower bed I added. The white hosta is just now popping threw.
Tomatoes and peppers just planted.

Broccoli and cauliflower. 
Strawberries the bed is full now. :)
Radishes just picked along with spinage.
Here is a new trap I got for catching those dang bore bees. Works great! I have one in the front and one in the back. I'll pick up a couple more. You can see still working on the deck.
Tractor all cleaned up. It was really muddy around here.

Ya know! It's kinda funny so many people are strange you show them how to get cash in their pockets and live the life they choose and it's like giving away a illness, while other see it it and take action. Personally! I think they'll die broke and never see freedom. It does not matter what excuse they use the results will be the same. When I was told how to earn from home I was all ears and took action the results equals everything I OWN. So I don't even know why I brought all this up. All I can say is I have given everyone everything they need to make a lot of money here on this site. 
As mentioned before Yes I use everyone one them.

For some time now I was thinking about why are their so many unhealthy people and children. After working in the food industry for 14 plus years I knew all crap that goes on. Hey question: If you go to the store and buy a fresh chicken take it home cook it and now have left-overs how many days do you keep it before throwing it away. Here on the homestead no longer than 3 days. Now check this out when people go to the store and buy this pre-cooked chicken notice the ex-date usually 2 weeks or more. WHAT! Yep because of all the crap they put in it. The super markets get paid big bucks to push this crap because the big companies pay them for shelf-space. Anyway sorry for rambling.
I just finished my "Healthy Eating Guide" and want to share it with you. HERE

Your going to love it I promise. Here is a tip because I know not everyone can own a homestead. Go to a farmers market and buy your fruits and vegetables then take them home and can or freeze. Also I could use your help. If you would share the site with your twitter and facebook friends that would be great. Thanks.

My friends are so good here is a video someone made for me about my new site.

I'll get into it more later but I'll say this the FDA does NOT have you in their best interest.
Be careful of what you eat and plant. Buy from local growers or farmers markets. Also buy enough to store from season to season. Folks we are not in good shape. More later.
Go HERE see my new site.

OK I'm just throwing this on here, because of all the request. I'll move it later.


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